Senzeni ngomlando wethu?


The politics of the past – Apartheid. Ngiyazi ukuthi thina bantu abasha asizange sibe ama victims of ubandlululo as much as our parents and grandparents were, but looking at present day South Africa, ucabanga ukuthi people are dwelling in the ‘events’ of the past, or kanye  have we moved on from them? Ngempela ngempela kufaneke sizikhathaze yini ngokwenzeka phambilini, to the point where we let it that shape who we are today, noma do we acknowledge the fact that it shaped who we are thus far, and we should now move onto something different? Is it just umlando okufanele ushiy’we emalibrary noma kuma-museums, or is it still too fresh to be archived away, and no matter how much we try and avoid it, it will never be a separate part of us? Asikhulume, and let us know what you think bantu bakithi!.


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