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Is there a place for MLUNGUZ here at

Maybe you’re thinking: “I thought this super-Zulu space would be guaranteed MLUNGUZ-free.” Or you’re wondering: “What’s up with isiNgisi here in Zululand?” Or even: “How typical of MLUNGUZ to try to barge in to our space? Next thing they’ll be trying to take over!”

Well, siyaxolisa, but there’s only this one little page in the whole of this ZULUZ site where we MLUNGUZ try to xoxawith you. The rest of this place is fully Zulu territory. So khululeka about that, ZULUZ.

Actually, the main reason we MLUNGUZ want to visit this one little page where we chat in English is this: there lots of us out there who aren’t mother tongue Zulu-speakers but who still really like ZULUZ! And want to chill with ZULUZ and learn a bit more Zulus and Zulu stuff. So this MLUNGUZ page is a place where we non-ZULUZ who thanda ZULUZ can come together – and hopefully guyz will pull in too.

Sometimes we’ll be asking questions about the Zulu language, other times we’ll be talking about culture. Sometimes we’ll be praise-singers and other times we may be critical. Don’t be shy to correct us if we’re wrong about anything – we’ll be grateful later. Cuz you’ll probably save us from embarrassing ourselves. (Remember “Yebo Gogo”? The last thing we want is to be so pathetic that we can’t tell the difference between Gogo and Mkhulu!)

So here’s a sawubona to zwakala and xoxa with a MLUNGUZ on the page link!

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  1. Ron Tedwater says:

    Great work keep it coming

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